5 ways to preserve fruits and vegetables (2)

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5 ways to preserve fruits and vegetables (2)
  1. Keep bananas fresh

If you want to keep the bananas fresh for a week, you can take the whole banana apart and wrap the roots of each banana tightly with plastic wrap. In addition, a little bit of lemon juice or vinegar on the roots and stems of the cut bananas can also help prevent the bananas from turning brown.

  1. Keep eggplant fresh

Eggplants are easy to become wilted after being placed for a long time, and the color and luster are not good. It will also affect its taste. Therefore, it is necessary to keep moisture when storing. The specific method is to wrap the eggplant with plastic wrap before putting it in the refrigerator to prevent moisture loss.

  1. Keep carrots fresh

Carrots are free from water, they are easy to deteriorate when exposed to water, so they should be wiped dry and wrapped in a fresh-keeping bag for refrigeration. For carrots with soil, wrap them in old newspaper and put them in a cool, ventilated place.

  1. Preserve the sweet potatoes

Avoid low temperature and refrigerate storage. It can be stored in a ventilated place. In autumn and winter, it is advisable to wrap old newspapers and put them in a cardboard box to avoid the cold and extend the shelf life.

  1. Save the mushrooms

Stored mushrooms are most afraid of damp. Mushrooms placed in the refrigerator are easy to get damp and become sticky. However, keeping the mushrooms in a cardboard bag can solve the problem of mushroom deterioration.

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