5 ways to store fruits and vegetables

5 ways to store fruits and vegetables´╝Ü

1.Let the potatoes germinate slowly
Potato sprouts contain toxic alkaloids, which can cause abdominal pain and dizziness when eaten. If you put an apple in the potato pile, it can greatly delay the germination time.

2.How to keep eggs fresh
Generally, wipe the eggs lightly with a damp cloth, and then put them in the refrigerator upright, which can be stored for a long time. But burying eggs in salt can keep them fresh for six months. Note: a layer of salt and a layer of eggs, it is best to separate the eggs, and the top layer is covered with salt.

3.How to store shallots and coriander
Wrap the shallots or cilantro with two cabbage leaves (do not wash), place in a ziploc bag, and store in the refrigerator. The shallots and cilantro will last several times longer than without the cabbage leaves, and the leaves will not dry out or rot.

4.Tomato preservation
You don’t need to use the refrigerator to keep tomatoes fresh. Put them in a plastic bag, tie the bag tightly, and put it in a cool place. Open it once a day, ventilate for 5 minutes, and pay attention to dry the water vapor in the bag, which can last for about 30 days.

5.Strawberry preservation
In strawberry preservation, low temperature can inhibit the rot of strawberries. It is best to store unwashed strawberries in the refrigerator, and store them in a single layer for better preservation.

5 ways to store fruits and vegetables

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