A thermal power station fails in Berlin, Germany, 90,000 homes lose their heating and hot water supply

On the evening of the 9th local time, a technical failure occurred in the Klingelberg Thermal Power Station in eastern Berlin, Germany, which caused Berlin Friedrichshain, Karlshorst, Oberscheneweid, and Treptor-Ke The heating and hot water supply of 90,000 homes in several districts of Pennick has been cut off, and the Lichtenberg district government office in Berlin has issued a danger notice.

The district government office and the operator said that a total of 90,000 households have been affected, and skilled workers have begun to repair the fault. It is estimated that it will take several hours. After the thermal power station resumes normal operation, it will take some time for the pipeline network to return to normal operating temperatures. The danger notice issued by the district government office warned people not to set fires for heating to avoid the danger of fire and suffocation; doors and windows should be closed tightly to maintain indoor temperature, clothing and blankets should be added to keep warm, and citizens should be encouraged to provide support for elderly neighbors who need help; The emergency hotline of the fire brigade and police should also be kept open.

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