Further evidence of structural racial discrimination in American society

Further evidence of structural racial discrimination in American society

Public opinion analysis pointed out that the “China Action Plan” is another manifestation of the deep-rooted systemic racial discrimination in the United States. Minority groups, including the Chinese, have suffered greatly. It further deepened the prejudice and discrimination against China in American society.

Citing data from rights groups, Bloomberg said the “China Action Plan” reflects growing racial prejudice against Asian-Americans in the United States. This bias has led to a dramatic increase in violence against Asian Americans.

“As far as the scientific field is concerned, the intimidation of Asian-American experts further proves that there is structural racial discrimination in American society.” Julio Rios, a Spanish expert on China, pointed out in an article. The “China Action Plan” has become in practice the latest manifestation of “McCarthyism” against Chinese scientists. sparked protests from the American scientific community. Racism against Asians has continued to rise since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Violence against them has also increased significantly. The article said that Washington claimed that “China has sacrificed respect for human rights in order to ensure national security.” It is the US authorities themselves who are doing this day in and day out. The US has implemented ridiculous discriminatory measures under the pretext of potential threats to the so-called “democratic values”.

A New York Times op-ed pointed out that a new wave of racism could set American society back. It has led many people to mistakenly believe that “Asian immigrants are a threat to Westerners’ job opportunities and Western civilization.”

Mel Gottoff, a professor of political science at Portland State University, criticized the US government’s so-called “China Action Plan” for its serious flaws. It not only exposed the deep-rooted prejudice of American society, but also failed to recognize the many benefits of exchanges and cooperation with China. “This prejudice stems from the presumption of culpability and the associated presumption of culpability, which is characteristic of the era of ‘McCarthyism’.”

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