Hair Tie for Ballet Dance Exam

It is inevitable for girls who study ballet to take exams. In order to impress examiners and teachers, they must not only dance well, but also have outstanding styles. However, ballet costumes are mostly similar. How can they stand out among the many candidates? At this time you need a fashionable hairstyle, come and learn it! Hope to add points to your assessment and pass the exam smoothly!

The girl in the black ballet costume has her long straight hair combed backwards, gathered behind her head into a round bun, and the bun is decorated with black feathers. The image of the beautiful black swan is beautiful and fairy-like.

The girl who dances ballet wears a white dance skirt, with long hair gathered behind her head and simply curled up, wearing a fluffy white wreath on her forehead, revealing the elegant and pure beauty of the girl.

All the long hair is combed backwards and turned into a sleek hairstyle with a jewel on the front of the forehead, so that the girl’s forehead does not look monotonous, and she wears a sea snake dance costume, which is elegant and generous.

Finally, it comes with a clothing collocation for usual practice. There is no professional clothing. A black casual sportswear allows girls to practice dancing more comfortably. The mid-length hair is gathered at the back of the hairline. After combing the smooth attire, you can pull one at will. A tighter bun.

The girl in the red dance dress, with long hair gathered behind her head, turned into a smooth bun with exposed forehead, wearing a shiny crown behind her head, looks very elegant and noble.

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