Hollywood Awards season meets Omi Keron

The New Year was originally Hollywood’s traditional “awarding season”, from the Golden Globes to the Oscars to the awards of major associations. They are summaries and awards of the film industry in the past year, but this year’s awards season has been greatly affected by the raging Omi Keron strain. Many film awards have been postponed or cancelled offline award ceremonies. The recovery of the film industry has once again cast a shadow.

Hollywood Awards season meets Omi Keron

“The Hollywood Reporter” said on the 8th that the American Film Academy Awards. The Palm Springs International Film Festival and the British Film Academy Tea Party were the first batch of cancelled film events. The 15th Academy Directors Award originally scheduled to be held on the 15th by the Hollywood Critics Association also postponed the award ceremony. The Sundance International Film Festival is the most important international film festival at the beginning of each year. But because of the outbreak of the Omi Keron strain in North America and Europe.

Sundance, which was originally scheduled to be held from the 20th to the 30th of this month. Cancelled the offline interaction in Park City and postponed the online film festival one week later.

It’s not just the film ceremonies that are impacted by Omi Keron. There are other entertainment activities: Grammys were originally scheduled to be held in Los Angeles on January 31. However, the new date has not yet been determined. Broadway, West End, and the entire Los Angeles theater were hit hard, and a large number of repertoires were suspended indefinitely.

In addition to the various ceremonies and performances during the awards season. Omi Keron’s longer-term influence lies in the production of Hollywood film and television dramas. “Los Angeles Times” said on the 8th that it was affected by the epidemic. Some crews have to continue the holiday after Christmas, and there is no final conclusion about when to resume work.

Fox Channel producer Tim Hillman had to change his plan: “The film and television crew would spend $150,000 to $200,000 a day on the street to start work. But you can’t start work with thirty or forty positive employees, so only Can stop work.”

According to industry sources, Disney’s project was postponed to start construction on January 10. CBS is also reviewing its programs one by one to determine whether it is necessary to stop production. Traditional TV channels and streaming media were originally full of strength. Hoping to invest more new movies and new programs in the post-epidemic era. But it now appears that these plans will be slowed down.

At present, there are dozens of film crews in the Los Angeles area alone whose location shooting permits have been cancelled or postponed. Only advertising production with shorter shooting time and more flexible staffing will be less affected. At the same time, the nucleic acid testing requirements for film and television production staff are also more fully ranked. The union and the producer union are negotiating a new co-production agreement on epidemic prevention. It is very likely that people who have been vaccinated will be required to get a booster shot.

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