How to choose ballet shoes?

A good pair of ballet shoes is very important for learning ballet. How to choose ballet shoes?Let me tell you how to choose ballet shoes.

1) Stand a position, let your feet lie flat, observe the approximate shape, width, and length of your feet to determine the appropriate model. Put on a tiptoe set (you will use it when dancing). The toe cover changes the shape of the foot, which affects comfort. Generally, you should choose toe shoes that are 1-2 sizes smaller than the shoes you usually wear. Use both hands to gently press the toe part to soften it slightly.

2) Put on the shoes, gently pull the lace and tie a looser knot. First, see if the overall shape fits the foot. Toe shoes must look as suitable as the second skin, have the same length and width as the foot. If you can’t feel the top of the toe cap, then switch to a shorter pair of shoes until you feel the toes touch the flat surface. Be sure to check that your toes cannot be pinched, and try to squat with your feet, and then check the width of your shoes. You should feel that the five toes are completely flat, while the outside of the foot is slightly squeezed.

3) Pay attention, maybe your left and right feet are not the same sizes, so you have to try on both feet.

4) Toe shoes have a variety of widths. If the toe is wider, the toe plane will be wider. For beginners, it is easier to find the center of gravity when standing on the toe, but it should be noted that the wider the toe is good. So try the width again. One foot is standing on the ground, and the other is called the toe .And put the center of gravity on the flat surface of the toe shoe. If you feel your foot sliding into the toe, the toe is too wide. Look at the length again. The shoe should completely cover the foot, and when the toe is raised, there will be a small protrusion on the heel (because it will become shorter when the foot is stretched). But when your feet are flat as if you are standing in a squat position, the protrusion should disappear.

5) Follow the above steps to choose toe shoes, and you will surely find shoes that fit your foot shape. Of course, it is better to let the teacher see if it is appropriate. It is not necessary to use full toes when trying on shoes. If you insist on trying the shoes on the whole foot, the heel may slip off the heel because it is not tied by the ribbon. Slipping does not necessarily mean that the shoe is too big. However, it is still discouraged to try shoes in this way,because once you put on full toes. The shoes are likely to be slightly deformed, and this change is invisible to our eyes.

6) Be aware that your feet are growing or changing every day. So every 6 months you should recheck whether your toe shoes are suitable. When you wear full toe, and the protrusion on the heel is missing, then your toe shoes are too small.

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