How to make a beautiful and clean ballet haircut?

I remember that when I was learning to dance when I was young, I was a person who looked at the mirror and curled my hair in a decent way. My mother said that I liked the way I curled my hair the most. Serious curling is the first step in learning dance. Ballet curling focuses on the unity of hair and head, so the curled hair is a flat ball instead of other ball heads or doughnut heads. The second is for Highlight the dancer’s neck line, so be simple and clean. The following two pictures are the standard ballet haircuts required by the RAD exam.

Ballet hairstyle

First, we need to prepare combs, rubber bands, hairspray, a hairnet (both in the picture below), and four or five hairpins. The pan hair net and hairpin are shown in the figure below.

First tie a tight ponytail, the height of the ponytail should be on the extension line of the chin and earlobe. After you tie the ponytail, you can twist it in one direction. Here, take the left twist as an example (top left), then circle the rubber band counterclockwise (top right), press the hairstyle with your hand, and fix it with a hairnet (bottom left), then Use hair clips to fix the edges of the hairnet in all directions and insert it firmly toward the center. Finally, use hairspray to fix the broken hair of Maomao, so that basically the work is done.

How to make a beautiful and clean ballet haircut?

Note that the ballet bun, earlobe, and chin should be in a straight line~

How to make a beautiful and clean ballet haircut?

Finally, you can add some decorations on the side to make the whole look more beautiful, especially on the stage.

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