How to press the instep in ballet

To practice ballet, you generally need to press the instep. So how exactly should the instep be pressed, and what are the particulars?

1. Press the instep by yourself.
When a person presses the instep, whether it is on the ground or a chair, the feet are generally close together. Press the back of your feet in a kneeling position. Pay attention to safety when pressing to prevent injury.

2. With the help of others or tools.
When letting someone else press the back of your foot with your hands or feet, try to find a professional. so as not to cause injury to the back of the foot. Press the instep with some professional tools for pressing the instep, such as the instep device.

3. Preparation before pressing the instep.
Before starting to press the instep, to avoid injury to the instep. Generally, the muscles in the back of the foot should be relaxed. You can speed up blood circulation in the instep by running or applying heat.

4. The process of pressing the instep.
The action of pressing the back of the foot must be in place, and try to consult a professional teacher for details. Avoid improper movements to leave hidden dangers to the body. Be sure to control the duration of each press on the back of the foot. If the time is too short, the effect will be poor, and if the time is too long, you will be easily injured.

5. Recovery exercise after pressing the dorsum of the foot.
After pressing the back of the foot, the body will generally experience some discomfort. Don’t get up immediately at this time, and do the finishing touches.

6. Precautions for pressing the instep.
The important thing about pressing the back of the foot is to insist on it every day, and do not interrupt the practice at will.

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