Israeli foreign minister tests positive for coronavirus

On the evening of the 10th local time, Israeli Foreign Minister Lapid confirmed through his social media that he had tested positive for the new crown virus and had been infected with the new crown virus, and his current state is relatively stable.

Local Israeli media quoted Lapid’s spokesman as saying that Lapid had previously been vaccinated against the new crown and is currently isolating at home. Other local media sources pointed out that Rapid may have been infected by one of its security personnel.

Recently, the epidemic in Israel has rebounded sharply. The country added 21,514 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia on the 9th, setting a new record for new confirmed cases in a single day since the outbreak of the country.

Lapid is currently the highest-ranking official in the Israeli government to be diagnosed with the infection. Local sources pointed out that he had had close contact with Israeli Prime Minister Bennett and other senior officials recently.

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