Japan added 8,249 new confirmed cases of new crown on the 9th

Original title: Japan added 8249 new confirmed cases of new crown on the 9th, including 1533 in Okinawa

Kyodo News reported on January 10 that 8,249 people were newly diagnosed with the new crown virus in Japan on the 9th, exceeding 8,000 for two consecutive days. Among them, Hiroshima added 619 people, a record high for 3 consecutive days. There are 1,533 people in Okinawa, 1,223 people in Tokyo, 880 people in Osaka, and 443 people in Kanagawa. Osaka reported 1 death.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, there are 90 critically ill patients nationwide, one more than the previous day.

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