Massive power outage in Argentine capital

Overseas Network, January 12th, at 1:00 noon on the 11th local time. A large-scale power outage occurred in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, affecting more than 700,000 customers. At this time, the country is experiencing high temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius, and electricity consumption has surged.

Large-scale power outages in Argentina's capital under 40 degrees high temperature, more than 700,000 users affected

According to Reuters and Argentina’s “El Pais” reported on the 11th, a large-scale power outage occurred in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area at noon that day. Argentina’s national electricity regulator said the outage affected more than 700,000 customers in the city. A fire broke out in a house in the San Martin district, electricity provider Adenauer explained the cause of the outage. lead to failure of high-voltage lines.

Another power company, Edser, also said the substation was out of service due to the failure of two high-voltage lines. At the same time, the power company also said that electricity consumption peaked that day as the temperature rose. At 9 o’clock that night, the city’s power supply basically returned to normal.

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