Misconceptions about ballet (1)

Misunderstanding 1: Will learning ballet feet deform?

This is probably the biggest misunderstanding of ballet! The picture of the ballet dancer’s feet circulating on the Internet is a professional ballet dancer. Under high-intensity training, they must have a certain degree of muscle literacy to complete the performance of difficult plays.

This condition occurs in the feet caused by high-intensity exercises because of long-term high-intensity toe points. The single reality is that most professional ballet dancers have normal feet.

Nowadays, most children learn ballet for hobbies, improving temperament, and correcting bad posture. There will be no more than three classes a week, and the intensity of the practice is far less than that of a professional ballerina.

There is no pointe course for children in the first few years of learning ballet. The practice content is only half toes, wearing soft-soled dance shoes. So parents, rest assured, the feet will be deformed, which is a misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding 2: Learning ballet does not grow taller, but has thick legs?

I have always wondered why so many people have this wrong idea. Ballet is a very scientific training system. Learning ballet will lengthen the muscles of the body, arms, and legs.

Let the child develop in the direction of the “little swan” with long hands, long feet, and long necks. The temperament will also get better and better, and children who learn ballet will be taller and more slender than children of the same age who have not learned ballet.

Misunderstanding 3: Learning ballet will make you become “Horse-footed”?

No, because basic ballet training requires “open, stretch, and straight”. Therefore, dancing can correct the inner splay foot. After some babies learn ballet, they always remember the preparatory movements for ballet. There is a little bit of extra character when walking, this is the case. But it is not obvious and will not affect the baby’s image. Instead, it will be airier.

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