Misconceptions about ballet(2)

Misunderstanding 4: Ballet is dancing in pointe shoes?

Standing on toes is indeed a big difference between ballet and other dance styles. But the toes are only a part of the ballet, and the toes are also a gradual process. Ballet is the training of body muscles and core strength. Not just practicing tiptoes. Therefore, ballet is called – the preferred dance for shaping the elegant temperament of the whole body and creating a goddess.

Misunderstanding 5: Ballet dancing, is that a thing for children and young people?

Only professional ballet dancers need to start training at an early age. But if you only use ballet as a hobby to improve your temperament. It’s never too late to start. Many ballet institutions now offer adult ballet. Courses are tailor-made according to the student’s situation and target effect.

Misunderstanding 6: Learning ballet? That’s a noble dance, it’s too expensive!

Ballet has long been popularized in Europe and North America. Ballet, as the “king of all dances”, has become the first choice for Western parents to cultivate their children’s temperament, personality, and even social connections.

Misunderstanding 7: Is it easier to learn other dance styles first and then ballet?

wrong! ! All dances must be learned from the basic skills, and the foundation of many dances is the basic training of ballet. Such as Chinese dance, Latin dance, and many sports. Ballet is also a basic skill, such as rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating. After learning the basic training of ballet, children can easily learn other dances or sports.

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