My ballet learning experience

I have been studying ballet for 11 years, although my body is not the best. But my teacher is very strict and professional. I am willing to continue to practice after class, although I will curse. In a classroom with only me and another friend, we all understand that being scolded and corrected is for our benefit in the end.

Although there are many ballet schools, there are not many good teachers. I am grateful that my parents discovered my passion for ballet. I found the current teacher to guide me, every lesson will accompany us to stretch, and hold the bar for more than half an hour to correct us. Will squat down and grab our legs to correct it. It is free in every lesson, that is, she casually talks about movements.

Once you play music, you must jump out immediately, and develop the skills to grasp the footwork immediately. After every lesson, my whole body was tired, and I almost didn’t feel it. But I also know that every lesson has made progress, which is very worthwhile.

Yes, the tiptoe shoes hurt the first time I wore them, and I was very uncomfortable. But after a while, I felt very happy. Pain, bleeding, and blisters are also worth it. Because those are all part of the process. You might say that it is easy to get toe from ordinary ballet shoes! Wrong you rely on your lower body to be flexible when jumping on toe shoes.

The muscles in the belly must be contracted. It will not be difficult if you push your belly up. And the teacher will arrange homework for every lesson, asking us to go home and put on our shoes to practice the exercises.

Ballet is not as easy as those people think. The bitter blood and tears behind it are just for the scenery on the stage for those few minutes, and it depends on whether you think those few minutes are worth it.

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