NYC marches to protest expiry of eviction ban

On January 14, local time, the day before the expiry of the eviction moratorium in New York State on January 15. Hundreds of people protested in midtown Manhattan, demanding that the governor extend the ban. Prevent tens of thousands of New Yorkers who can’t pay their rent from living on the streets.

Hundreds march in New York to protest expiry of eviction ban

Demonstrators said that many locals were affected by the epidemic. Minorities, in particular, cannot pay rent. If the ban is not extended, more than 20,000 New Yorkers will be left homeless. A large part of them are women and children. In addition, campaign sponsors said that resuming evictions would jeopardize the city’s safety.

Protesters said they hoped to send a message through the protest. Extend the eviction moratorium and protect millions of New York renters with the Good Cause Eviction Act.

Demonstrators held up notes such as “Governor who only evicts” and chanted “Housing is also a human right.” They marched all the way from outside the New York Public Library to Governor Huo Chu’s office in New York City a few blocks away. And disrupted local traffic.

About half an hour later, New York City police began operations. Demonstrators were asked to leave the roadway to resume traffic, and several arrests were made at the scene after warnings.

New York tenants who can’t pay their rent have been repeatedly protected by eviction bans because of the pandemic. New York landlords are required not to evict tenants. But a growing number of landlords say they haven’t received any rent in the two years since the Covid-19 outbreak.

New York Mayor Eric Adams said a day earlier that New York state received only $27 million of the Treasury Department’s $1.1 trillion set aside for emergency assistance, an insult to New York. He called on the Treasury Department to immediately fund the emergency rental program in New York to solve the housing problem of the people.

New York City has some of the highest rents in the nation, with one-third of renters spending half their income on rent, Adams said. The federal government must help the people of New York State. At present, the four governors of New York, New Jersey. California and Illinois have jointly sent a letter to US President Biden, asking the federal government to help solve housing problems everywhere.

It is understood that before the outbreak. About 140,000 households in New York State were asked to evacuate due to rent arrears. In 2020, that number soared to 591,000 households owed more than $1.97 billion. According to US media reports, in the summer of 2021 alone. New York State has received more than 290,000 applications for rent relief.

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