Protest woman writing swear words in palm

The protesting woman showed her swear words in her palm. Macron responded on the spot: Thank you, and good luck!

The protesting woman showed her swear words in her palm, and Macron responded on the spot: Thank you, and good luck!
[Global Web Report] According to the Russian Satellite Network, French President Emmanuel Macron visited the southeastern French town of Donde on the 11th. Got an unpleasant “welcome”. A woman protesting France’s mandatory vaccination measures showed Macron with the swear words “Je t’emmerde” (translated in English as “F*ck You”) written in French on the palm of her hand. Macron responded immediately, expressing “thank you” to her and wishing her “good luck”.

The satellite network said the scene was captured on camera and broadcast online and on various news channels.

Combining reports and live videos, the woman showed Macron the words on her palm. Macron did not seem to be affected by this “greeting”, and he thanked the people at the scene for coming. “Thank you very much, thank you, that’s fine, thank you, good luck, and protect yourself,” he responded calmly.

About this female protester, Satellite Network introduced. Her name is Justina, she is from Poland, and she has lived in France for 13 years. She explained the move to France’s BFM TV, saying it was a protest against Macron’s previous remarks that he would “piss off” the unvaccinated. “He shouldn’t have forced us to get vaccinated,” the woman said.

Recently, the Omicron strain has ravaged the European continent. France is becoming one of the worst-hit countries in Europe by the coronavirus. French President Emmanuel Macron made foul language in an interview with Le Parisien on the 4th. Saying that he wanted to “piss off” those who have not been vaccinated against the new crown. His statement aroused strong criticism from public opinion. In response to his remarks, protesters were dissatisfied with the “vaccine pass” measures implemented by the French government. About 18,000 Parisians, marched on the 8th. Some demonstrators also chanted the slogan “Die Macron” to express their anger.

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