Rumba’s technique

Latin dance is a dance of two people, so the cooperation between the two is very important, while the rhythm of rumba dance is slightly slower, but it requires higher details of the body’s movements, and the transmission of the strength of the arms of the two is more important.

  1. To have a stable personal center of gravity and not to exert force with your arms
    In Latin dance, everyone must have their own stable center of gravity, and the lead between each other is only a small body strength. When the body rotates, the axis around it is always the spine. At the beginning, the shoulders sink, and the weight of the foot is stepped down. Lower the center of gravity and move the spine upward to maintain the internal balance of the body. Then tighten the inner thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and waist. In this way, the twisting of the body will not transmit a lot of force to the arms, thus affecting the center of gravity of the dancer.
  2. Do not move your elbows to the back of your body, at most clamp it on your side
    During the Rumba dance, the lady clamped the upper arm of the right arm to tighten the muscles. If a man gives a woman a backward thrust.e should move his whole body backward, not swing his elbows backward. The backward speed of the woman’s body should be faster than the speed of the arm transmission. This way, the center of gravity of the body can be stabilized when the man stops pushing. But when a man receives thrust, his arm does not need to be tightened.When a woman is given strength, he can move his elbow slightly forward.
    If the man gives the woman a force to turn sideways, the woman’s arms cannot be swayed from side to side. This force will be reduced, and the angle between the forearm and the body should be maintained. And the body should rotate quickly and smoothly.
    When men give women strength, avoid using only their hands. Rotate your spine slightly in the direction that gives the lady strength. The squeezing of the body gives the arm a little bit of strength. The level of the forearm and the ground should remain unchanged. The strength is gradually reduced in the order of shoulder-boom-forearm-hand.

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