State of emergency lifted across Kazakhstan

Since 0:00 local time on January 19, the state of emergency has been lifted in seven regions of Kazakhstan, including the capital Nur-Sultan, the largest city Almaty and Mangistau. So far, the state of emergency that has been implemented in 17 regions of the country since January 5 due to violent unrest has ended.

According to the news released by the Almaty security department on the 18th, in view of the fact that the city of Almaty is still at the “red warning” level of terrorist threats. After the state of emergency ends, local counter-terrorism operations will continue. Police and National Guard and Ministry of Defence officers and soldiers will patrol the city around the clock. Law enforcement officers have the right to search citizens’ property, vehicles, etc., and temporarily restrict and prohibit their movements.

On the evening of the 18th local time, Kazakh President’s Press Secretary Wari said through social media. From 0:00 on the 19th, all parts of Kazakhstan will resume normal life. The curfew and other temporary restrictions previously imposed will be lifted. “The unity and solidarity of the people of the whole country. The self-sacrifice of the law-enforcement institutions and the army has allowed Kazakhstan to regain order and tranquility.”

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