Stifling legitimate scientific collaborations

That was despite U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s claim when questioned by Congress last October. The United States never investigates or prosecutes based on racial identity or national origin. However, it is an indisputable fact that more and more Chinese scientists have been accused of groundless charges.

American civil society groups and scholars from Stanford University, Yale University and other universities have spoken out. Criticize the “China Action Plan” for harming American academic freedom and scientific research competitiveness. And demand an end to discriminatory investigations of Chinese researchers.

Last April, the Asian American Society for the Advancement of Justice sent a petition to the White House signed by 29,000 people directly affected. Call on the U.S. government to stop making discriminatory judgments based on Asian racial identity and end the “China Action Plan.”

In August last year, more than 20 Asian-American groups signed a letter to President Biden. The “China Action Plan” ostensibly claims to be investigating and prosecuting “economic espionage” and “theft of trade secrets.” In effect, it “exposed Asian Americans, Asian immigrants or others, especially Chinese scientists, to racial profiling, surveillance, and improper prosecution.”

There is no evidence to support the allegations that they engaged in economic espionage or theft of trade secrets. According to the report released by Johns Hopkins University, the plan even has a hard requirement on the number of lawsuits. Directs the judicial departments of the 94 U.S. jurisdictions to file at least one or two lawsuits against China each year.

The American Physical Society said in an open letter in August last year. “The US government’s ‘China Action Plan’ to address scientific research security issues is the government’s overreaction, and it is also a worse response than the problem itself.”

Last September, 177 Stanford faculty and staff signed an open letter stating that. A large number of foreign scientists, including from China. Have played an important role in the development of American science and technology. The most challenging global issues facing the world today. Including climate change, sustainable development and the threat of the new crown pneumonia epidemic all require international cooperation. Far from protecting U.S. national security, the China Action Plan has created an increasingly hostile atmosphere. On the contrary, it will damage the innovation capacity and technological future of the United States. Stanford University physicist Steven Kiverson, one of the signatories of the letter, said. He was involved in the campaign because he had witnessed the mistreatment of Chinese-American colleagues as a result of the program.

“This practice is creating an atmosphere of fear that stifles legitimate scientific cooperation. ” The American “Atlantic Monthly” published an article not long ago. The US “China Action Plan” is harming intellectual property assets more valuable than “tools” and “drawings”. Namely American scientists and the scientific community. It is very worrying that the Biden administration is still continuing the “China Action Plan”.

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