Sudanese plane makes emergency landing in Egypt

According to Egyptian media reports on the 12th, that night. A limited fire broke out in the rear luggage compartment of a plane bound for Turkey from Sudan. Forced to make an emergency landing at Luxor International Airport in Egypt.

The plane took off from the Sudanese capital Khartoum and its destination was Istanbul, Turkey. The pilot made an emergency landing decision after receiving a fire alert.

The nearest airport at the time was Luxor International Airport, after receiving an emergency landing request from the pilot. Immediately agree to his emergency landing request and create a special channel for him to land in a separate area of the airport.

The plane is a Boeing 737. It was carrying 135 passengers of different nationalities and 8 crew members. A team of airport engineers found out after examining the condition of the plane. The fire in the passenger luggage compartment was not a fire, but a simple spark. The aircraft is in good condition, and no casualties or material damage has been reported.

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