Suitable clothes and accessories for hip-hop

Now, many people are obsessed with street dance. Even girls who don’t like sports by nature are increasingly joining the ranks of street dance. So what kind of clothes and accessories are suitable for girls to dance hip-hop?

Hip-hop is either wearing fat pants or hip-hop style. On the contrary, as long as the overall collocation is natural and casual.And you like hip-hop, the taste will come out. Several common dressing methods are recommended below:

If you are playing new jazz, it is recommended that you wear low-rise slacks, because new jazz will not feel that way if it is not sexy.It is okay to expose the waistband of the upper body.

Wear sleeveless tops, low-rise flared pants, and high-top casual shoes.

The top can be tight or loose, with sequins on the top and loose at the bottom.But the low-waist flat casual shoes and laces should be double-sided, and the color should be bright.

If it is cooler, you can choose a camouflage vest, corset, or clip-on vest. You can add a hat or a cool scarf depending on the situation.

Pants with suspenders must have their personality when paired with larger clothes. It is best to show your personality by being different.

This year’s hip-hop style: The shirt on the outside of the clothes is made of small lattices of different colors, and there is a hurdle vest inside, which is very convenient to put on and take off at any time during exercise. The lower body is equipped with new straight-leg trousers, and the buttocks are printed with delicate patterns.

Bighead or printed tops, such as wolf head t-shirts. There are also brightly colored t-shirts with skulls printed especially, reflecting the Indian style. There is a purple sweater outside, and the color of the upper body is very plump. You can match your lower body with blue jeans, tie a colored rope around your waist. And tie a red cloth wristband around your wrist.

The short-sleeved green plaid shirt overlaps the orange and white t-shirts .And a pair of dark denim shorts are worn under the shirt. It is also decorated with matching colors or bright belts and a pair of skate shoes.

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