The role of dance costumes in dance performances

1. Dance costumes have the function of showing dance roles

Dance is a unique art form, a means of expressing the thoughts and feelings of the characters, and shaping the character and spiritual outlook of the characters. Dance costumes must contain a lot of spiritual information corresponding to dance works, such as the era characteristics of dance role modeling, national characteristics, professional identity, gender and age, personality temperament, knowledge cultivation, aesthetic hobbies, social relations, etc. For example, you can know the dance characteristics of the era when you wear dance costumes. National costumes are important information for identifying roles in dance performances. Various ethnic groups have different costumes. In dance performances, the costumes of various ethnic groups are also gorgeous and colorful. All kinds.

2. Dance costumes have the function of highlighting the artistic personality of dance works

Art is the reaction of social life. With its special artistic methods and forms, dance vividly and vividly shows people the thoughts, emotions and connotations it wants to express. In the dance work “Chinese Mother”, the story of a Chinese mother raising a Japanese orphan. The dance costumes in the work are gray and dim coarse cloth, the lower body is black shrunken trousers, and a pair of black cloth shoes, showing a hard-working and simple Chinese mother. Only one dress change in the work is enough to reflect the broad-mindedness and great maternal love of Chinese mothers, and to a deeper level embodies the artistic personality of the work “moving people with love” and enriches the artistic connotation of the work.

3. Dance costumes have the function of distinguishing different types of dances

From the perspective of dance schools, the colors used in classical dance should be solemn, simple and elegant. Generally, classical dance has a poetic mood, emphasizing the expression of inner emotions, and emphasizing the spiritual temperament of intention, strength, spirit, spirit, and spirit. The combination of movement and static, strength and softness, so the costumes of classical dance should be as smooth and smooth as the dance, giving people a comfortable and refreshing feeling.

4. Dance costumes have the function of adapting to dance movements

The relationship between dance costumes and dance is very close, and adapting to dance moves is an important principle of dance costumes. Movement is an important means of expression in dance art. No matter how beautiful and fashionable the clothes are, once they restrict the movement and hinder the performance of the dance, it is not advisable. Dance costumes must be light and fit, and stretch freely, in order to meet the needs of dance movements to a greater extent, that is, to enable dancers to perform various movements without worrying about falling off or stumbling hands and feet.

5. Dance costumes have the effect of giving people different visual effects

The dressing of dance costumes is an important part of the dance performance. It helps dance works to achieve perfect visual effects. “The White Haired Girl” is a well-known Chinese national ballet. In the fourth act “Hope the East will make a red day”, the changes in styles, colors and hairstyles of clothing were successfully used to explain the storyline and transform the time and space of the stage. Xi’er started dancing in the music with long black braids and red clothes and green trousers, until the middle part of Xi’er changed to gray blouses with gray hair and ragged cuffs. In the end, it became again. White hair and rags of off-white clothes and trousers, coupled with the choreographer created a typical environment of spring, summer, autumn and winter on the stage set, which successfully set off Xier’s continuous running, jumping, and spinning in the barren mountains and wind and snow , Beast fighting. This kind of storyline, costume design and changes in time and space are all perfectly integrated, allowing the audience to understand the protagonist’s performance at a glance.

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