The third round of Russia-US strategic stability dialogue ends

The third round of strategic stability dialogue between Russia and the United States ends, both sides show firm stance

On the 10th local time, the third round of the Russia-US Strategic Stability Dialogue ended. Both sides showed firm stances at the meeting that day, while also leaving the door open for further discussions.

During the nearly 8-hour meeting, the U.S. delegation headed by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Sherman rejected Russia’s proposal to ban NATO’s eastward expansion, which Russia said was one of Russia’s priorities.

After the meeting, Russia and the United States held separate press conferences. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Russia would not threaten anyone and would not issue an ultimatum. He said that if the US does not have a “posture”, it will be a mistake for NATO and will damage its own security. Ryabkov sees the possibility of a deal with the United States, stressing the need for both countries to compromise and respect common interests.

Sherman said that if the Russian side takes easing measures, such as withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian border area, the United States is willing to have faster and more in-depth discussions on bilateral issues.

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