Three hair-up techniques for dancing girls

Whether it’s a dance class or a performance, the teachers often remind mothers to remember to tie up the baby’s hair. There are many ways to tie hair. Various techniques and shapes can create completely different styles and effects. The same dance tying hair also has its unique essentials and norms. Let me introduce you to a few dance techniques for tying hair, moms, hurry up and learn it?

Preparation tools

1. Rubber band

2. Comb

3. Black one-word hairpin (used to put away the broken hair around)/U-shaped clip (fixing function)

4. Send a net

PS: If the hairnet and hairpin are strong enough, the hair will not fall out of any basic movements during class.

Different steps

1) Suitable for students with medium and long hair, soft hair, and less hair volume.

First, tie the hair into a ponytail with a rubber band. Does the ponytail look like the shape of the head?

The smallest and most beautiful place is the key to the success of the pan head. Horsetail,

The top three points of the chin and ears should form a straight line.

Twist the ponytail in one direction to the end of the hair.

Twist the hair in the direction of the ponytail. Don’t pan too tightly, just make the pan into a flat circle.

Put the hairnet on, and be careful to hold it tight first, so that your hair doesn’t become loose.

Squeeze the coiled hair and make it as close to the scalp as possible. Secure it with U-shaped clips. The hairpin should go around the hairnet and clamp the hairnet and hair. Finish!

2) Suitable for medium and long hair, generally, all hair types can be held.

First, tie the hair together with a rubber band, and the braid, chin, and the top three points of the ears should form a straight line.

Divide the braid into two evenly.

Pick up one of the strands and twist it against your scalp while twisting it. It forms a flat round shape and can be fixed with U-shaped clamps on the side of the disk.

Pick up the other strand, follow the direction of the first strand, and twist it around the rubber band in the same way. The two strands do not cross or overlap each other so that the hair is flat and close to the head.

Put on the hair net and fix it with a hair clip. If the hair is neater and less broken, you can also use a hair clip to fix it. Finish!

3) Two braids pan head

Divide the hair into two and tie it into two ponytails.

Weave the two ponytails into two little braids.

Twist the two braids together into a rectangle. U-shaped clamps are used continuously during the process.

The distance between the two braids is determined by the length of the hair. The longer the hair, the farther away the two braids can be. But if the hair is short, the two braids should be tied closer together. Finish!

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