Transportation in many places in Japan is suspended

Affected by strong cold air and winter pressure distribution. Snow continued to fall in Japan on the 14th. At present, the scope of heavy snowfall has expanded from the north to the central and western coastal areas and even the northern Kanto region. The snowfall has killed five people and affected traffic operations in many places.

According to the Japan Broadcasting Association TV report, as of 11 am local time on the 14th. Parts of Gunma Prefecture had more than 2 meters of snow, and Shirakawa Village in Gifu Prefecture in the center had a snow thickness of 1.75 meters. The thickness of snow in Nozawa Onsen Village in Nagano Prefecture reached 1.68 meters. The 24-hour snow accumulation in both places is about 50 cm.

In addition, there are strong winds and waves along the western coast of Japan. The maximum instantaneous wind speed of over 25 meters per second was observed in the 3 hours as of this morning.

Bad weather has caused the suspension of about 70 trains on Japan Railway’s Tohoku Shinkansen. About 27,000 people travel was affected.

In addition, as of 11 am on the 14th, Japanese airlines have cancelled a total of 70 domestic flights taking off and landing in Hokkaido. On the evening of the 13th, about 200 passengers were forced to stay overnight at New Chitose Airport.

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