U.S., UK supply arms to Ukraine again

A series of recent security talks between Russia and the United States and the West ended without results. The United States and the West have stepped up efforts to exaggerate the so-called threat of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine. On the 17th, both the United States and the United Kingdom pledged to provide weapons support to Ukraine. Once again adding fuel to the situation.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on the 17th that the United Kingdom has begun to provide Ukraine with light anti-tank weapons systems. The first batch of systems has been delivered on the 17th, and a small number of British personnel will also provide corresponding short-term training to the Ukrainian side. On the same day, a bipartisan group of U.S. senators visited the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Pledge to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons. These weapons may include Javelin anti-tank missiles, Stinger missiles, small arms and ships.

In the face of all kinds of provocations from the West. On the 17th, Russian troops conducted tactical exercises in the Rostov region near the Russian-Ukrainian border. Exercise projects include engineering exploration, setting up fortifications and mining.

Recently, the hype about the “collapse” of the situation in Ukraine has been heating up in the pages of Western media. Recently, the “New York Times” even broke the news that the US government has begun to assume the so-called “Ukraine subjugation” situation. Said the CIA will train insurgents for Ukraine in Eastern European countries such as Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

In this regard, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov re-emphasized after talks with the visiting Croatian Foreign Minister on the 17th. Russia will not invade Ukraine and will not formulate policies based on the assumption of war.

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