UK PM admits to illegally attending cocktail parties

British Prime Minister admits to illegally attending cocktail parties during the 2020 epidemic

British Prime Minister Johnson admitted on the 12th that he had violated the new crown epidemic prevention regulations by attending a reception in 2020, and apologized for it. British opposition parties and some people believe that Johnson should take the blame and resign.

British media recently reported that Johnson’s secretary had organized a reception in the garden of the Prime Minister’s Palace in May 2020 during the UK’s “closure of the city” due to the new crown epidemic. About 40 government personnel attended. The news sparked outrage, and Johnson at one point declined to comment.

Johnson admitted that he had attended the reception when he was questioned in the lower house of the British Parliament on the 12th, saying that he thought it was an official event at the time, and he attended the reception to thank the staff around him. Johnson apologized for this and said he would take responsibility for participating in the reception, but would not deal with it until the end of the special investigation into the matter.

Opposition Labour leader Starmer said Johnson’s remarks were “ridiculous” and “offensive” to the British public. He and some other opposition MPs called for Johnson to resign.

Previously, the Johnson government had exposed a number of scandals that violated anti-epidemic regulations, involving people including Johnson’s former senior adviser Cummings and former Health Secretary Hancock. A poll released by the British pollster on the 11th showed that more than half of the respondents believed that Johnson should resign.

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