US President Biden announces $40 billion for bridge repairs

On January 14, local time, US President Biden delivered a public speech on the progress of the implementation of the bipartisan infrastructure bill he signed. And announced a new plan for how it would be funded through the bill. Repair and replace bridges in America.

Biden said that there are about 45,000 bridges in the United States that need to be repaired or replaced. The government will allocate $40 billion in funding to replace the bridge. Of that, $12.5 billion will be used to fund major bridge repairs. $27.5 billion will be used to fund other small and medium-sized bridges.

In his speech, Biden also mentioned the repair and modernization of infrastructure such as highways, airports, drinking water and sewer systems.

Biden also said that as part of a bridge repair and replacement program. The U.S. government will allocate $5.5 billion in the first year as start-up funding to repair bridges across the United States.

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