What are the dance warm-ups?

Dance warm-up movements include: head neck movements shoulder movements upper body movements arms chest expansion movements waist movements abdominal movements hip movements hip movements and knee movements.

  1. Head and neck movements:

Ready to shoot posture: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes facing forward, shoulders relaxed.And arms hanging naturally at the side of the body.

Head pitch: bow your head forward as much as possible, stretch your neck, and then restore. Then tilt your head back, chin up, and then restore, two beats for one action.

Head side twist: turn the head to the right side. screw it to an appropriate position, after restoring, do it again to the left side, two beats one action. Head side tilt: The head is tilted to the right shoulder first. And then the left side action is performed after restoration, and two beats are performed once.

Head Rotation: The head is rotated 180 degrees from the front to the side of the right shoulder, and then follows the original route and then performs a symmetrical movement to the left shoulder, and restores it. Do a 180-degree spin in four beats.

Head Circling: With the neck as the axis, the head circles one circle clockwise or counterclockwise, and then circles one circle in the symmetrical direction, making a circle with eight beats, alternating twice.

  1. Shoulder movement:

Preparing posture: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes facing forward, shoulders relaxed, and arms hanging naturally by your side. Double Shrug: Shrug your shoulders up at the same time, as close to your ears as possible, then drop your shoulders to relax. Take two shots. Single shrug: The requirement is the same as the double shrug, with the right and left shoulders staggered up and down. Take two shots.

Front shoulder circle: the right shoulder circles forward from the back meridian to the top, restore it, and then follow the left shoulder to circle forward from the back meridian to the top. Back shoulder wrapping: Contrary to the front wrapping action route, It is a circle from the front meridian to the back. The movement and rhythm requirements are the same as above. Double shoulder wraps: Do the front shoulder wraps twice with both shoulders at the same time, and four beats once. After recovery, go back and round the shoulders twice.

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