What are the dance warm-ups?(2)

Dance warm-up movements include: head neck movements shoulder movements upper body movements arms chest expansion movements waist movements abdominal movements hip movements hip movements and knee movements.

  1. Upper body action:

Preparing posture: Stand with toes facing forward, shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, hands on hips, and eyes looking forward. Top chest and convex back: The chest is pushed forward as much as possible, restored, and then the back is protruded back. Two beats once, alternately.

Left and right lateral movement: Keep the upper body vertical, the crotch does not move, the right rib is moved laterally to the right, after restoration, then laterally move to the left to restore.

4.arms, chest expansion action:

Preparing posture: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes facing forward, shoulders relaxed, and arms hanging naturally by your side. Swing forearm: The left and right forearms are staggered up and down, one shot at a time. Big arm swing: The left and right big arms are staggered back and forth, two beats once.

Stretch arm: On the basis of swinging the big arm, stretch the left arm from bottom to top, while bending the right arm, the right leg naturally bends, and the left ribs follow the direction of the left arm. Stretch up. Right arm to, stretch up, the action is opposite. Take two shots.

Stretch your arms and stretch your chest: Extend your arms toward you, straight up, and stretch back as much as possible to expand your chest, one beat and one stretch, alternately.

Extending the arms and expanding the chest: Open the arms to the side, spread the arms back to expand the chest, and at the same time clamp the shoulders back and spread them one by one.

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