What are the dance warm-ups?(3)

Dance warm-up movements include: head, neck movements, shoulder movements, upper body movements, arms, chest expansion movements, waist movements, abdominal movements, hip movements, hip movements, and knee movements.

  1. Waist movement:

Twist and twist your waist: Lift your arms from both sides and bend to your shoulders, put your fingers together, and place your fingertips on your shoulders naturally. Then, use the strength of the shoulders to drive the upper body to the left and then the right and back and forth, and twist the waist while the head follows the shoulders. Four beats once, alternately.

Side swing: feet together into a straight step, arms drooping. In the first beat, take a step with the left foot horizontally to the left, and at the same time, draw forward with both hands from the lower right side, and bend the upper body forward. Step on the left rear. For the third to fourth beats, do the symmetrical movements of the first to second beats. Take two shots.

Waist-rinsing: The upper body is driven by the arms, and the body is bent forward, trying to maintain a 90-degree shape, from the left to the back, and then to the right to make a circle, and then perform symmetrical movements after restoration. Two one position, eight beats a set of movements, repeated alternately.

  1. Abdominal movement:

Preparing posture: The feet are the same as above, the arms are raised to the left and the upper right, the five fingers are up, and the palms are facing the left and right front respectively.

Front, flex the abdomen: keep the legs straight, while the abdomen is closed, the upper body is in front of the body, and the hands are stretched back as far as possible from between the legs, and then return to the ready state. Four beats once, repeat.

Slanting hands and abdomen: Keeping the legs straight, tuck the abdomen and bend forward, then touch the right foot with the left hand, and then touch the left foot with the right hand. Two shots in one direction, alternately.

Stretch your arms and close your abdomen: stretch your right arm straight up, bend your left arm, bring your hands close to your shoulders, then bend your body forward, use the tip of your left rib to stretch your right foot, stretch your left leg straight, bend your right leg slightly, and retract your abdomen as much as possible , and then do symmetrical movements. Four beats and one hurdle, alternately.

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