What are the dance warm-ups?(4)

Dance warm-up movements include: head, neck movements, shoulder movements, upper body movements, arms, chest expansion movements, waist movements, abdominal movements, hip movements, hip movements, and knee movements.

  1. Hip and hip movements:

Preparing posture: Same as above, hands on hips.

Hip swing: Swing the hip to the left, the center of gravity moves to the left, the left leg is perpendicular to the ground, the right leg is slightly bent, and the knee is buckled inward. When the hip swings to the right, the movement is symmetrical. One shot at a time, alternately.

Rotating the crotch: The crotch rotates from the right to the front, then to the left and back in parallel – return to the original position after one circle, and then make a symmetrical movement.

Hip flexion: The legs are slightly bent, and the hands and fingers are crossed behind the head. The hip joint pops forward quickly and brittlely, the buttocks push forward, after restoration, the hip joint pops back quickly and brittlely, the hip bends back, restores, and then pops up quickly to the left, after restoration, pops right again ,reduction. Take two shots once, in sequence.

  1. Knee action:

Preparing posture: The feet are the same as above, the legs are upright, the arms are extended sideways, the palms are facing forward, and the five fingers are open. Knee flutter: The legs are slightly bent and the knees flutter up and down. Alternate one shot and one shot.

Knee extension: Bend your legs slightly, then straighten your knees firmly. Take two shots once and repeat.

Bend your knees around your knees: Bend your knees and move your knees clockwise, then counterclockwise, and circle back and forth.

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