What is ballet?

Ballet (Italian: balletto; French, English: ballet) is a European classical dance. One of the most important features of ballet is that actresses point to the ground with their toes, so it is also called toe dance. Ballet uses music and dance techniques to perform drama plots.

Ballet was conceived in the fourteenth century [8] during the Italian Renaissance. It was born in the French court of Louis XIV in the late seventeenth century. It began to develop and become more professional in France. In the eighteenth century, it became more and more perfect in France until the end of the nineteenth century. Period, Russia has entered the most prosperous era. In the process of nearly five hundred years of long-lasting historical growth, ballet has had a great influence on the countries of the world, and it has been widely spread. It has become an art form that all countries in the world have grown up with all their strength.


1. A form of stage dance, namely European classical dance, commonly known as ballet. This is a traditional European dance art with strict norms and structural forms, formed after centuries of continuous processing, enrichment and development on the basis of folk dances from all over Europe. After the 19th century, an important feature of technology is that actresses have to wear special toe shoes to dance with the tips of their toes.

2. Dance drama originally specifically refers to the dramatic art that uses European classical dance as the main means of expression and integrates music, pantomime, stage art, and literature to show a story or a plot. It is called classical ballet (or classical dance drama). After the emergence of modern dance in the 20th century, modern ballet, which used modern dance combined with classical dance techniques as the main means of expression to express the content or plot of the story. Gradually, the term ballet is also used to generally refer to dance dramas that use various other dances as the main means of expression, although they are different from classical ballet or modern ballet in terms of dance style, structural features, and performance techniques.

3. A considerable part of the dance works created by modern choreographers has no story content or plot. The choreographer uses European classical dance or modern dance, or a combination of the two, to express a certain mood, artistic conception, or to express the author The understanding of a certain musical composition, etc., these are also called ballet.

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