WHO: Omicron strain is the main circulating strain

WHO: Omicron strain is rapidly replacing other strains as the main circulating strain

On January 11, local time, the WHO’s weekly epidemiological report on new coronary pneumonia pointed out that from January 3 to January 9, there were more than 15 million new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide, an increase of 55% from the previous week. %, and the number of new deaths was similar to the previous week. Except for the African region, newly confirmed cases increased in all regions, with the largest increase in Southeast Asia, an increase of 418% from the previous week. The incidence in Europe remains the highest. The five countries that reported the highest number of confirmed cases last week were the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and India.

The report pointed out that with the spread of the Omikron strain, the prevalence of the delta strain began to decline, and community transmission of the Omikron strain has occurred in many countries. Among the 357,206 virus gene sequence samples collected in the past 30 days, 58.5% of the samples were Omicron strains, and the proportion of delta strains dropped to 41.4%.

According to WHO, the Omicron strain has a significant transmission advantage and is rapidly replacing other strains as the predominant circulating strain.

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