Why do dance classes require uniform dressing, practice clothes, and haircuts?

I believe that parents have shown dissatisfaction and perplexity about this issue.

It’s just a simple dance lesson, why is it so troublesome?

Is it to look professional? Is it the dance teacher to make money?

Now let’s talk about the importance of unifying the practice clothes and haircutting together.

Uniform dressing allows the teacher to see whether the student’s movements are accurate in time during the course. If a student’s movements are not standardized, the teacher will be able to find the student at the first time and correct it in time without being disturbed by the clothes. Preventing students from practicing mistakes or training injuries is more conducive to teaching.

Wearing elastic practice clothes is more conducive to the students’ dance movements, so that students do not have any burdens caused by clothes when doing large movements.

Students should wind up their long hair and fix it firmly, and then use hairspray or hairpin to fix the broken hair, so that the hair will not affect the line of sight, and it can also reduce the interference of the hair when doing head shaking.

Uniform dressing and curly hair will not distract students due to clothing and hairstyle problems, and cultivate students’ sense of collective honor in a subtle way.

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