Why does dancing stretch the ligaments?

The main purpose of leg pressing in dance training is to stretch the ligaments. And why pull the ligament? What are the benefits of pulling the ligament?

1. Flexibility exercises promote physical fitness and perfect body shape.

When combined with various strength training subjects, such as cycling, swimming, and rowing, flexibility provides at least one-third of the necessary assistance in a complete training system.

2. Flexibility training reduces the risk of injury.

Most everyday injuries and sports injuries are external injuries, or strains caused by joint sprains, overstretching of muscles and related tissues. Martial arts athletes who adhere to scientifically disciplined flexibility training are 50% less likely to be injured than those who lack flexibility training.

3. Flexibility exercises are a good warm-up or relaxation exercise.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, it can also improve the coordination of the nervous system and muscle tissue. If you start training immediately after finishing an exercise, you can recover your tired body as quickly as possible.

4. Improve your competitive level!

A dancer with good flexibility will perform more relaxed and excitingly. Can you imagine what a dancer with dead muscles would look like? Once a dancer has good flexibility, he has an advantage over other dancers, both mentally and physically.

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