Why wear dance clothes?

1. Dance clothes are flexible and convenient for practice. Dance clothes are generally made of elastic fabrics, and ordinary clothes may not have elasticity. When children practice kicking, lowering the waist, and lowering the fork, they will not be able to practice because of the restrictions of the clothes, so they cannot achieve the best. Training effect.

2. The dance jumpsuit is tight, which is convenient for the teacher to correct the movements. The jumpsuits and socks worn in the dance class are tight. When children have incorrect posture or posture in class, the teacher will find out in time. If you wear looser clothes, it is easy to cover up mistakes, and it is not easy for teachers to find out.

3. It is not easy to distract children. There are usually no buttons, zippers, beads, sequins, pockets and other decorations on dance clothes. Children will lie on the ground and lie on the ground during exercises. There is no decoration on the dance clothes. Another point is that children are young and their attention is easily attracted by the small accessories on the clothes. Simple and undecorated dance clothes will make the children focus on the dance practice.

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